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May 31, 2020

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Invite an International high school exchange student to live with your family for a semester or a school year!


Calla Kuehl

Reflections International, Inc.

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Tel: (920) 238-0624


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Reflections International, Inc.

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Program Introduction

Dear Friends,

Reflections International

My name is Hartmut Weithe, and I am the founder of REFLECTIONS INTERNATIONAL, INC. I want to thank you for your interest in hosting a student from Germany or Switzerland as part of the REFLECTIONS INTERNATIONAL, INC. Exchange Student Program.

I know from personal experience that this program offers the opportunity to enrich the lives of everyone involved: the students, the hosts, the teachers, and the community. As the students come here to live in what is for them a foreign culture, they bring their own culture (foreign to us) with them, and so allow us to glimpse into life outside the Midwest without having to travel anywhere. While the student is the one who is expected to adjust, the hosts can learn a great deal if they so choose.

This program is our small contribution to bringing people from around the globe together for better understanding and appreciation of one another, so we can learn to live together peacefully. Students of high school age seem to be ready to review and maybe revise their perception of the world, which seems to be exactly the right time to broaden their view by placing them in totally new, yet safe surroundings - a home like yours.


Reflections International

Hartmut Weithe
Reflections International, Inc.

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